Friday, September 28, 2007

So called Green movement

So now there are builders in the Houston area promoting ther 'green' projects. But I look at the brochures and apparently green means bamboo floors and energy star appliances. The bare minimum to be able to capitalize on the so-called 'green' trend. The trend that is really just hype, rock concerts, and very few real changes. Much like Earth Day 1990, which felt like things were really going to change, yet the only real result is that a fraction of people began to recycle only because some neighborhoods started offering curbside pickup.

Why don't they just tell people to turn things off? Turn the thermostat up and dress for your climate? Stop buying so much throwaway crap?

Monday, July 2, 2007


I hate to start off with something so trivial when there's so many serious issues, but I've been doing a lot of shopping lately and it's frustrating.

As you've noticed, suddenly dresses are all the rage. Don't know why it isn't always so. Some years there are almost no dresses in the stores at all. But anyway, why are they making so many halter, spaghetti strap and strapless sundresses unsuitable for work? And why aren't they making some kind of little summer jackets to wear with them to cover up their unsuitability for work? The last couple of years, there were so many shrugs, boleros and ponchos. But I didn't buy any. Now they make all these dresses that need covering up and cover ups are nowhere to be found.

Any why are these dresses primarily made with polyester knit and spandex or thin wrinkly woven cotton? Why not cotton knit? It's too hot here for a polyester dress.

What are the designers thinking?

Good thing: Elle line at Kohl's. Especially the puffy sleeved v-neck polo-like top. Very flattering. Much more flattering than a regular polo. Great design at a sensible price in a sensible store. Should come in more colors though. I love my dark purple one, but it could look so cute and retro in some other colors. It's a great wardrobe basic, but alas, it will be gone from the racks soon, because that's the way things are done