Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why I'm not for Obama

I don't think he's all style and no substance. In fact, I think he'll likely be a good president. Someday. But I do think the majority of his supporters are putting style before substance. And I find it a little scary that so many people are willing to follow someone just because he's a good showman.

I don't think they realize how little experience he has. He has only been a Senator for 3 years and he has spent half of that running for president. And before that he was only in the Illinois state legislature.

It's my rule of thumb to want any presidential candidate to have completed at least one term as Senator or as a state governor so he or she has either foreign relations and national experience, or executive experience. Ideally, they should have both. Such as a Governor who has also been part of a Presidential administration like Bill Richardson. Or a senator on her second term that has also been part of a presidential administration for two full terms. Hey, Hillary has that.