Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My response to Sen Cornyn who sent me some BS about competition lowering Healthcare costs. Ha!

With all due respect, competition and the free market is what caused our ridiculous healthcare costs. Especially when our lawmakers deliberately pass legislation to increase industry profits at the expense of individuals so we pay more and get less.

And if lawsuit reform in Texas has lowered premiums for providers, it's not evident when it comes time to pay a doctor bill. My last dentist and doctors visit cost roughly 2 days salary for someone making $10 per hour. And many people don't make $10 per hour and couldn't spare that much even if they did.

Healthcare does not need to be free. It needs to be affordable. Insurance should be for major issues. Routine healthcare should be affordable. As it was when I was a child. My family of six never once came anywhere near the deductible on my father's insurance. Because a doctor's visit was easily affordable.

And btw, many people are on waiting lists and denied care now, with your beloved for profit insurance system. As a small business owner, I pay quite a lot of money for a limited policy and it's basically a waste of money. I'm never sick, it rarely covers anything I need done and should some catastrophe befall me, the amount they'd pay out is very limited and would probably only make a dent in my bills.

Healthcare and insurance for profit makes little sense. It also should have absolutely nothing to do with your job.
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