Monday, April 4, 2011

Letter to John Cornyn

Head Start and Pell Grants aren't spending. They are investments.

You say we can't afford Head Start, Pell Grants, or to invest in Green energy and infrastructure, in other words, the future. But we can afford subsidies to corporations, big oil, grain farmers and to keep a military that's larger than what, the next 17 largest in the world combined?  Most of which are our allies!

The Republican way is destroying the middle class which will turn us into a third world country. It does not trickle down. It trickles up. We can't consume all the goods and services required to keep our phony economy afloat without either getting a bigger share of the income, or by living beyond our means as we have been doing for the past few decades. And which we can't do anymore.

If the wealthiest create jobs with this couple of percent less income tax they aren't paying then were are those jobs?  We had them under Clinton!

There is now far more upward mobility in most of the socialist countries in Europe. The American Dream is dead and we are becoming an economic dustbowl. And you did that. You, Reagan, and every administration and congress since Reagan.  Not Obama. Not liberals. Not socialist programs.

The rate of upward mobility is 3x greater in Denmark.  Denmark!  Where they've been pretty much doing the opposite of what we do here. That's what works.

I you aren't going to do anything about the wage disparity, then the least you could do is pay for our education and health care.

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