Thursday, September 10, 2009

Healthcare Reform rant #2

Half of the criticisms about the proposals, the real criticisms I mean, not the made up stuff, are perfect reasons why relying on for-profit insurance doesn't make any sense.

There's no profit in insuring people that need it. But people in this country can't comprehend this. Look at all the paranoia and panic over the suggestion that there even be a non-profit option that people could choose.

Anyway, I'm healthy. But I still have to buy insurance because I could be bankrupt should something happen due to the outrageous costs in this country. But insurance is so expensive that I choose a limited plan with high deductible. But it's mostly a waste of money because with the deductible it doesn't help with minor costs and if something serious should happen, it's limited and probably won't amount to much considering the ridiculous costs in this country.

A doctor's visit should be perfectly affordable and insurance should be for catastrophes, and should some catastrophe happen, the insurance should cover you. Not have some annual or lifetime limit. And coverage should not be denied for technicalities.

Our system here really makes no sense at all.
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