Thursday, September 10, 2009

Healthcare Reform rant #6

I certainly understand why Barnie Frank told that women there was no more point in discussing her ridiculous ideas with her than with a table. She was asking a gay Jew why he was supporting a 'nazi' policy????

Where did this Nazi stuff come from? Do you people know anything at all about the Nazis? Or socialism or the difference between a communist or socialist government? Do you know anything about Europe or the rest of the world? Most of the countries in Europe have some form of socialist system, especially compared to ours where socialism is a dirty, scary word. And guess what? They are very nice places to live, work and prosper.

The population of the European Union is roughly the same as the population in the United States. And the GDP of the European Union is roughly the same as in the United States. Which means it works just fine. It's not oppressive. And it doesn't hold back business or innovation.

Oh, and guess what? Several of those socialist countries are already coming out of the recession that the United States caused.
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